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We have been working with both companies and Pensions organisations to make it simple for small companies and Payroll Bureaus to do Auto-Enrolment. With customised letters, that fit many circumstances and record keeping to manage the legislative requirements of Auto-Enrolment.

Working with The Pension Regulator’s, we always ensure that our software complies with all the legal requirements and regulations.

The Systematics Auto-Enrolment module is designed for you to manage your staff and to inform your Pension provider on any changes that are happening when you join, and over the course of the years.

What does auto-enrollment software does?

The Pensions Regulator recommends that employers use payroll software that caters for automatic enrolment duties. BrightPay automates these duties for both employers and payroll bureaus. What’s more, unlike some other payroll software providers, there are no additional costs or charges for auto enrolment. Full auto enrolment functionality is available to customers using any BrightPay licence.

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